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Open Chatbot

Description: This is a community open to all stakeholders:Agencies, Developers, Analysts, Brands, Platforms, Frameworks where you can exchange knowledge about chatbots.

Platforms: Slack

Price: FREE

Chatbots News

Description: An intelligent, supportive, and collaborative community for chatbot developers, designers, creators, and enthusiasts. Moderated by the Chatbots Magazine team.

Price: FREE


Description: Botsboard is a community for botmakers and AI chat assistants.The community links togheter makers that work on AI assisted bots and developers engaged on future tech.

Price: FREE


Description: Discuss chatbots, AI, NLP, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Discord, Kik, SMS, etc. Talk about what you're working on.

Platforms: FaceBook

Price: FREE


Description: Ask & share knowledge reltaed to chatbots with bots enthusastics.

Platforms: FaceBook

Price: FREE

Bot Exchange

Description: Find, ask, and answer questions about chatbot, monetization, development, platforms, and more.

Price: FREE

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