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Description: RadBots is the first ad platform for bots! Monetizing AI Bots is a big problem. AI Bots can now serve relevant, context-aware, and intent-aware targeted ads to pay for themselves.

Platforms: Kik, Slack, Telegram, Line, Skype, SMS

Price: FREE


Description: You built an awesome chatbot that gained some traction, but you can't make money? You don't want to place annoying ads, right? waves.ai shows your users context relevant market research questions that can be answered with just one click

Platforms: Facebook

Price: FREE


Description: Waylo's API is a powerful single endpoint, allowing to add an independent hotel booking bot module to Bot or App with less than 10 lines of code. It does all of the heavy lifting, including Natural Language Understanding, integrations with Hotel booking systems as well as payment processing.

Platforms: Facebook Messenger

Price: FREE

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