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Jenny - Starchat

Description: Open source project providing everything from NLP up Bot API's to build conversational tools

Platforms: Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, Telegram, Line, Skype, SMS

Price: FREE + PAID


Description: Broid Integrations is an open source project providing a suite of Activity Streams 2 libraries for unified communications among a vast number of messaging platforms.

Platforms: Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, Telegram, Line, Skype, SMS, Twitter, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Discord, Viber, Nexmo, CALLR, GroupMe, Flowdock, Twillio, Gitter and IRC

Price: FREE


Description: the simplest framework for creating user facing bots.

Platforms: Facebook Messenger, Twillio, Twitter

Price: FREE


Description: Framework for rapid chatbot development.

Platforms: Facebook Messenger

Price: FREE

Microsoft Bot Framework

Description: Build a great conversationalist. Build and connect intelligent bots to interact with your users naturally wherever they are.

Platforms: text/SMS, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Office 365 mail, Kik, Telegram

Price: FREE


Description: Botmaster is a lightweight highly extendable, highly configurable chatbot framework. It was meant to be used both in small scale and large scale projects. Its purpose is to integrate your chatbot into a variety of messaging channels - currently Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter DM, Telegram and socket.io.

Platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, socket.io, twitter

Price: FREE


Description: ParlAI is a framework for dialog AI research, implemented in Python.Its goal is to provide researchers a unified framework for training and testing dialog models, multi-task training over many datasets at once and seamless integration of Amazon Mechanical Turk for data collection and human evaluation

Platforms: SQuAD, bAbI tasks, MCTest, WikiQA, WebQuestions, SimpleQuestions, WikiMovies, QACNN & QADailyMail, CBT, BookTest, bAbI Dialog tasks, Ubuntu Dialog, OpenSubtitles, Cornell Movie and VQA-COCO2014

Price: FREE + PAID


Description: Caffe2 aims to provide an easy and straightforward way for you to experiment with deep learning and leverage community contributions of new models and algorithms. You can bring your creations to scale using the power of GPUs in the cloud or to the masses on mobile with Caffe2's cross-platform libraries.

Price: FREE

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